Congratulations to the winner, David Edgerton of Selwyn, who selected envelope #21 and caught the Ace! He won $351 in the weekly draw, and $12,982.50 in the progressive draw, for a total of $13,333.00! Congratulations Dave!

You can watch the replay of the draw here


What is Catch the Ace

Fowler’s Corners and District Lions Club Catch the Ace Lottery is a Progressive Lottery.

Each week tickets are sold for the opportunity to select the Ace of Spades from a deck of 52 regular playing cards. Prior to the draw, each of the 52 playing cards were placed in brown envelopes. The envelopes were shuffled and numbered 1 to 52.

When tickets are purchased the buyer chooses an envelope number  from a list of available numbers, then enters the number on their ticket.

Each week one ticket is drawn. The holder of that ticket automatically wins 20% of that week’s sales. The envelope number noted on the ticket is opened. If the card inside is not the Ace of Spades the card is destroyed and is no longer available for future draws. If the envelope selected is the Ace of Spades then the lottery is finished and the ticket holder wins the weekly prize plus the Ace of Spades pot.

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